Erosion Control Specialists, Inc. Proper mulching is essential

Q: What services do you provide? A: We provide landscape services including seeding, silt fence, erosion control blanket, sod, ditch checks, sediment logs, etc.

Q: Who are your primary customers? A: The majority of our work is landscape subcontracting for general contractors.  Our field of expertise is in erosion control for highway and bridge projects.  The owners of these projects are governmental units:  the State of MN, Counties, Cities, Townships.  We also do commercial work such as assisted living facilities, apartment complexes, commercial developments, etc.

Q: Who should I contact to get a bid on a project I’m working on? A: Send a list of landscape and erosion control quantities to our office fax at 218-879-1400 along with the location of the project, the bid date, and the project managers name.  We will look over the information and fax a bid to you, or if we choose not to bid the project, we will notify you by fax or phone.

Q:Are you bonded? A: For the majority of our jobs, we are bonded under the general contractor.  A portion of the proceeds are withheld by the general contractor to pay for our portion of the bond.  If needed, we can be bonded on our own depending on the scope and nature of the project.

Q: Do you do residential landscapes? A:For the most part, we focus our efforts on government road jobs and commercial work.  At times we will accept a residential job during slower times.  Do not hesitate to call us to let us know what project you’d like to discuss with us, large or small.

Q: What is a DBE? A:This is a designation for a company that is owned/operated by disadvantaged segments of the population such as minorities including women. Many organizations are required to consider DBE's for a certain percentage of their contract work.